What are the participating products for this promotion?

The participating Products for this promotion include select items within Kellogg’s® family of products (2.2 oz. or larger - any combination) as noted below (“Participating Products”):

-        Pringles® (2.4 oz. – 32.7 oz.),

-        Cheez-It® crackers (including caddies, multi-packs and single serve cups),

-        Famous Amos® cookies (including caddies, multi-packs and single serve cups),

-        Keebler® crackers (including sandwich crackers),

-        Keebler® cookies (including caddies, multi-packs and single serve cups),

-        Kellogg’s® Rice Krispies Treats® (single serve bar, 8 ct. box, or 16 ct. box),

-        Kellogg’s® Special K® bars (Cereal Bars or Bites, Pastry Crisps, or Nourish, 4.6 oz. – 7.38 oz. – does not include Kellogg’s® Special K® Meal Bars),

-        Kellogg’s® Nutri-Grain® bars (7.0 oz. – 10.4 oz. bars), and

-        Kellogg’s® Fruit-flavored snacks (7.0 oz. – 16.0 oz. box)

What are the effective dates of this program?

Qualifying purchases can be made between 7/30/17 – 9/11/17 (“Offer Period”) at any participating Publix® store. The last day to upload a receipt and cash out reward(s) is 9/18/17.


What retailers are participating in this offer?

Only Publix is participating in this offer. Purchases must be made at Publix retail locations.


Can my qualifying purchase be made over multiple shopping trips?

Yes. Qualifying purchases can be made in multiple transactions. Multiple, unique receipts can be uploaded to your account for tracking. You may accumulate $30 in spending a total of five (5) times, during the program. As such, you may achieve up to five (5) $10 Publix Gift Cards during the promotional period. Limit five (5) $10 Publix gift cards per member.


Can my purchases be made at different Publix stores?

Yes, qualifying purchases can be made at any Publix store.


I have a question about submitting my receipt. Who can I contact?

You can contact Customer Care for this program via email, by sending an email to


How will I receive my gift?

$10.00 Publix Gift Cards will be sent by mail to qualifying shoppers when you click the “cash out” card icon from inside your program account. Card(s) will not be automatically sent when the threshold is met. Please allow up to 8 weeks for delivery of reward.


Where can I find more details about this program?

To find more information about this program visit


What mobile devices work with this program?

You may take the picture of your Publix receipts with any camera or camera-enabled mobile device. Then, you may use your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop computer to upload the image of the receipt for validation, by logging into your account on Once logged in, you will have the opportunity to submit one (1) receipt at a time. Only one (1) receipt may be processed at a time.


Does this offer only work with certain web browsers?

This offer works in all web browsers (e.g. Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla Firefox).


Why do I need to create an account?

You need to create an account to upload Publix receipts for validation, to track your purchases to reach the $30 threshold to qualify for the program offer, and to choose to “cash out” for your reward(s).


Is sales tax included towards my qualifying purchase?

No, sales tax is not included towards toward your total purchase.


What value of products do I need to buy to qualify for this promotion?

You must make a qualifying purchase of at least $30 in a single transaction or multiple transactions of qualifying products to receive a $10 Publix Gift Card.


Do I have to purchase multiple brands to qualify or does a purchase of one product count, as long as the purchase price matches the amount requested by the program?

As long as the price requirement is met you may purchase one or multiple participating products and/or brands.


What is the last day to upload my Publix receipt?

Please upload your receipt by 9/18/17. 


Do I have to give any personal information to redeem this offer? If so, what specific information is required?

We will need:  First Name, Last Name, Address, City, State, Zip Code, Birthday, and Email Address.


Do I need to turn off firewalls or virus protection programs to participate in the program?

No, firewalls do not need to be turned off for participation.


Do I have to register in order to participate?

Yes, registration is required to track your receipts and purchases towards the purchase threshold. Registration is necessary even if you qualify in a single purchase.


Do I have to agree to Terms and Conditions before proceeding in this offer?

Yes, you must agree to Terms and Conditions to participate in this offer.


What happens if I lose my original receipt? Can I use a copied receipt?

No copies or facsimiles will be accepted.


Where do I mail my qualifying receipt for this program?

All receipts must be uploaded through the promotion website. However, if you try unsuccessfully to upload a single receipt(s) multiple times and it cannot be read by the receipt-validation system, you will have the opportunity to download and print out a mail-in form, and send it along with the original receipt, via US mail, for validation. This alternative submission process will be communicated to you by email if and when you become eligible for it. 


How many times can I qualify for the offer?

You may accumulate $30 in spending a total of five (5) times, during the program. As such, you may achieve up to five (5) $10 Publix Gift Cards during the promotional period. Limit five (5) $10 Publix gift cards per member.


How are multiple submissions of the same receipt handled?

Multiple submissions of the same receipt will not be accepted. If multiple submissions of the same receipt are sent in for validation, you will receive a bounce-back message after the first successful submission of the receipt, indicating that the later submission of same receipt is not valid.


How can I follow up to see if my request is in process or find out when I will get my gift with purchase?

To follow up on the status of your request please email using subject line Kellogg’s Happy New School Year at Publix.


Can multiple receipts be photographed for redemption at the same time?

No, each image can only contain one receipt image. Each image should be submitted separately once the previous image is validated.


What part of the qualifying receipt should be photographed for redemption?

You will need to take a photo of your entire receipt. Flatten the receipt and take a clear photo. Include the following in the photo:

       Retailer’s Name/Logo

       Qualifying product(s) purchased and corresponding price for each

       Date and Time

       Grand Total

Review the image quality before submitting. Please check that the image is clear. If receipt is too long, please fold the receipt so the Qualifying product(s) are clearly visible, with the retailer’s name/logo, products purchased and corresponding price for each, date and time and total amount purchased.


Will I be told why a picture failed?

You will be given a list of reasons on why your receipt may not have been able to be read through the digital receipt verification.



Abbreviated Terms and Conditions. Offer valid in U.S. only. To qualify to receive a $10 Publix Gift Card, you must purchase $30 or more of Kellogg’s ® family of products (2.2 oz. or larger) between 7/30/17 and 9/11/17. Go to for complete list of participating products, reward submission instructions and full terms & conditions. Limit five (5) rewards per email address. Void where prohibited.
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